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Made for trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, and food coaches

We fixed food and medication journaling

We are building a voice-powered food and medication journaling system that helps your patients and clients lose weight, stay on track and live healthier lives.

Journaling compliance is low. We made it easy. Just talk.

No more tapping. Those days are over. The future is voice.

Our software does all the heavy lifting – voice transcription, macro lookup, creating recipes, reporting, protocol intervention, and more.



When people keep accurate journals, you get better insight.

Gain insight into exactly what changes and take corrective action.

Detailed reports that let you course correct

Share and send nutrition and health reports to your clients, learn what’s working, and modify your protocols to help your users obtain their goals.

We are just getting started

We don’t just want to build another calorie counting or medication logging app. We have some big plans:

Make it fun – With compliance so low, we want to use game theory and voice mimicry to make journaling fun, easy, and successful.

Setup custom programs – Setup any combination of nutrition goals that you want your clients to accomplish on a daily/weekly basis.

Conversational AI  – a “virtual you” working 24/7. Train our software with your own voice so that your clients will hear automated advice like its coming from you.

Grocery shopping  – integration with with grocery retailers so that your clients can get the grocery that they need quickly and pain-free.

Location aware – predictive restaurant recommendations based on location. All users have to do ask is “What should I eat here?”

Purchase integration – keep an eye on grocery and restaurant purchases to improve our data and insight.

Dedicated hardware devices – apps are great, but it’s just one more reason not to use them. With a dedicated hardware device (think: voice recorder), our software gets smarter.

Alexa/Google integration – integration with existing “voice-first” devices that your customers are already familiar with.

Influencers – Think: hiring “virtual Arnold” to keep you in check.

Provider marketplace – custom portals for practitioners. Set your own custom programs, set your own rates, sell your practice services, and build your health business, all on autopilot.

Food delivery – integration with doordash, uber eats and more so that the food journals are accurate and complete.

We can do it. Now we just need your support. Show your interest by signing up below.

Join our private beta program

We are currently building our first version. It will be available in the next few months. Enter your information below and we will get in touch with you when we launch.