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The Problem

What should I eat today to lose/gain weight? It’s a question everyone has asked themselves before.

You would think this relatively simple problem should have been solved already.  After all, the basic set of nutrients required for human health is fairly well understood. 

All you need is…and therein lies the problem. 

Do you use a calorie counting app? Keep a food journal? Weigh yourself every day? Get an accountability partner? Keto? Vegan? Raw? Keto raw? Vegan cooked? Mediterranean? Weight Watchers? DASH? Flexitarian? OMAD?  

Maybe the Mediterranean diet works for you, and not someone else. Maybe you don’t eat pork or beef and need a specific solution tailored just for you. Maybe you feel like eating Sushi today. Maybe you gained a few pounds last month and need to change your food choices slightly. 

Many have tried to solve this seemingly simple problem with calorie counting apps, recipe apps, youtube videos, dieticians, trainers and more. 

There are two key problems with optimizing health and nutrition:

1. People generally don’t stick to a plan long enough. 

2. People that are ready to change need a much better way to log their food journal and eating routines. Tapping into a mobile app isn’t good enough.

People that do change their food habits use a combination of willpower, good planning, personal coaching, or otherwise find some way to rewrite their self-concept.

The Solution

We can solve this problem with better ways for users to enter their food intake, better feedback mechanisms (an AI that checks in on you), dieticians using the platform to manage their own clients, automated calorie and macro counting and much more.

We have some pretty big ideas:

  • Hardware you can talk to (Alexa?)
  • A watch that has a bar code scanner so you can quickly scan food items
  • A smart scale that monitors your body fat and adjusts your food choices automatically
  • An interactive smart mirror you can talk to
  • Location-based meal suggestions so that you make better choices at restaurants
  • Automated shopping lists based on the meal plan you (or your dietician) chooses
  • Backend integration with grocery retailers and wholesalers
  • Hyper-personalization based on your diet, culture, and tendencies
  • Multiple methods of data input – in the car, at work, and at home
  • Printed reports you get in the mail once a month with a state of your progress (nobody reads emails)
  • A monthly (or more frequent) video that the AI automatically records and sends to you (just like a real dietician would do) with tips and ways you can improve

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